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Your car workshop in IKAST

We always put ourselves in the customer's place and find the best and cheapest solution together.

Our mission is to be your preferred workshop, we would like to be considered the car's friend, a friend who helps in need.


Our Services

If you need further information about our services - contact us:

One Stop
auto-service for your car

Our prices are extremely competitive. All services performed at ANDRE AUTO Ikast meet the requirements of the car factories so that your warranty is maintained.

Regulary check

Does your car need to be seen?

Check if the car is ready. If we find errors and omissions, you will receive a repair offer.

Brake inspection

Reduce braking distance and get greater safety on the road with well-maintained brakes. We clean and lubricate your car's brakes.

Oil change

At Andre  Auto, you are guaranteed the highest quality at the market's lowest prices. That is why we use motor oil from Liquid Moly. 

Timing belt change

If the car's timing belt is damaged, it is important to react quickly. If you don't, it can cause major damage to your car's engine.


Find the right tires for your car

Do you need a tire change?

If YES, contact us. We change many tires every year in our workshops. So your car and your tires will be in the best hands with us.

Andre Auto, we sell all the major well-known tire brands.
At Andre Auto, we are experts in helping you find out which tires cover your needs - at the best price. We know everything about grip, rolling resistance, speed, load and tire noise. You may be able to get by with all-season tires if you only drive a little, but we ALWAYS recommend summer tires and winter tires if you drive all year round.


ANDRE  AUTO IKAST is a car workshop that can help you with all types of repairs on your car. So whether your vehicle needs air conditioning, service, timing belt replacement, windscreen replacement, tire replacement, engine repair, exhaust, or brakes, or needs to be serviced or dented, we can help you.

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Brands We Work With


Brands We Work With

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